Image Processing and Video Analysis

Image processing and video analysis is a method for processing and analyzing important information within a digital image. Many methods have been developed to meet the needs such as detection, identification, classification and tracking of objects within the image. Ordulu Information Technologies works in many projects in the fields of image processing and video analysis systems.

Real-time broadcasts and archival footage from moving and fixed cameras are processed with computerized vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to make them useful. Within the scope of your projects, object recognition, moving object tracking, object classification and anomaly detection can be performed in unprocessed images using techniques such as deep learning and machine learning.

    Main Fields of Activity:

  • Border Security Imaging Systems,
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images,
  • Land Vehicle Image,
  • Intelligent Camera and Mobese Images,
  • Satellite Images.

  Image processing and analysis on sources such as.