About Us

Ordulu Information Technologies Corporation is established in Ankara to produce national solutions in order to meet the needs of our country in the field of defense industry.

Also, we provide products and solutions that will facilitate, enrich and increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers. We've proved our competence with the effective technical system/software approaches and our expert/experienced staff with our R&D activities in the areas of Secure Communications, Image Streaming Center Systems, Image Processing Systems and Big Data with our special customer-focused software development services and with the national projects that we implemented in a short time.

Is to provide integrated consultancy, software development, system integration and hardware functions with our expert and experienced staff that have adopted "Total Quality Management" as the management philosophy, in the fields of defense industry technologies, communication and digital transformation.

By being among the sustainable, competitive and reliable companies in the national and international market, our mission is to follow all the technological innovations in the world and provide a superior service approach with value-added and innovative products.

Is to contribute to the development of competitive, reliable, domestic and national technologies with our customer satisfaction-oriented operating principle, high quality service approach, superior and innovative approaches in the fields of defense industry and information technologies.