Low Bandwidth

The system can provide users with live streams from air and ground vehicles at different bandwidth options. In areas with poor signal quality, an uninterrupted data flow is maintained with low bandwidth.

This low bandwidth stream option comes with a 720p resolution and consumes 70% less bandwidth than normal.

Customized Encryption Protocol

Streams and location information are transmitted one-way from the secure military network to the civilian mobile network using a customized encryption protocol.

Transmissions are encrypted specifically for each device. Additionally, encryption keys are renewed periodically. In case the devices are lost or stolen, the data stored on the device can be made inaccessible.

Thanks to the hardware diode, data is sent one-way to the external network and through the one-way data flow, the secure network is protected against external attacks.

Location-Based Authorization

Each device can be separately authorized to monitor the streams.

In accordance with the defined distance limit, authorization can be made with regard to the distance of the user to the aircraft.

Efficient Streaming and Device Management & Remote Update

Metrics such as performance data, bandwidth, data transfer statistics and the status of the connection can be instantly displayed and archived retrospectively. This data will be then listed in the management interface and can be viewed graphically by the system administrator.

The mobile devices can be remotely updated.

Stream-Based Authorization
The system administrator is able to give out permissions to groups and individuals for streams.
Mobile Device-Based Authorization
The system administrator can de-authorize mobile devices to watch the stream and switch mobile devices’ statuses to active or passive.
System Messages
It is possible to send messages to devices through the system.
Activity History Inquiry
By selecting and filtering the date range, event type, stream name, device IMEI and user name, transaction history can be inquired.
User and system statistics can be viewed through the software.