End-to-End Encryption

With an end-to-end encryption, a message is only visible to the sender and recipient users. It is not possible for intermediate components, including the server, to decrypt the messages. Each message uses a different encryption key. This makes it impossible to decrypt past or future messages in the event of an attack, even if mobile or desktop devices should be compromised.

Voice and Video Calls

End-to-end encrypted internet-based voice and video calls are made over a secure communication protocol.

Corporate Signature

The clients' unique keys, phone numbers and user information are signed by a corporate certificate authority that has been given to the organization.

The clients then check the signature. An SMS verification is not used during registration. This way, the user cannot become a member of the system without having his/her registration information verified by an authority designated by the organization.

Thus, MITM (Man in the middle) attacks and fake identity attacks between client and client are prevented.

Server Communication Layer

In ULAK.IM, messaging, signaling, voice and video call traffic are all encrypted in order to have a secure communication path with the server. The Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3) protocol is supported and a secure communication between server and the client is ensured.

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol

Before ULAK.IM users start messaging, encryption keys known only to them are securely generated by the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange. While users are talking, the Diffie-Hellman process is repeated for each message exchange. This way, the encryption keys used during the conversation are constantly changing.

TreeKEM Encryption Protocol

TreeKEM is a scalable and end-to-end encrypted security protocol developed with new technologies. ULAK.IM is one of the world's leading secure communication applications using this technology. This system supports end-to-end encryption in large groups using tree algorithms and enables a fast encryption of messages.

One-to-One and Group Messaging
ULAK.IM offers corporate, secure and instant messaging. In addition, working groups can be created securely on ULAK.IM.
File, Media, and Location Sharing
The app allows file sharing in a way that cannot be viewed by the phone's file managing software.
LDAP Integration
For the list of users that will use the application, integration with the organization's user system (LDAP) can be made. This way, messages can be sent to people without depending on the phone numbers in Contacts.
Admin Panel
An administration panel where groups are centrally managed and call and messaging statistics can be viewed, is available.
National Engineering
The application is being developed with our own resources within the borders of our country.
System Messages
System messages can be sent to all users using the application to communicate general announcements within the organization.
Working on On-Prem Servers
Servers are installed within the organization using the application.
Hierarchical Messaging Constraints
Restrictions can be imposed on starting a conversation by considering the organizational hierarchy.
Customization and Development Opportunity
Updates can be made depending on the needs of the organization.
Platform Independent Messaging
Desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows) and mobile platforms (Android, iOS) are supported.
Bot Messaging
Thanks to the bot messaging feature, it can be integrated with 3rd party systems and messages can be transmitted.